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Optimum purchasing and sales service

Weaners, heifers, yearlings, young cattle, and complete livestock. Farmel Livestock can source a varied offering of different quality cattle from its Dutch and international customer base. This allows us to supply the right animals to the right buyer at the right price. Satisfied buyers and sellers are our objective in our livestock brokerage services. Farmel Livestock furthermore offers you even more value by taking care of the complete process for you, ranging from transaction to transport.
From pairs or single animals to large livestock, we at Farmel Livestock have a great track record of finding potential buyers for them in the Netherlands and abroad. We buy and sell livestock in Europe, Russia, Turkey, and North Africa. We can buy the animals you want in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and other European countries.
As Farmel Livestock, we have been exporting breeding cattle for nearly ten years. Our reliable and solid network in international markets makes us your ideal brokerage partner for your breeding cattle. We can supply various breeds, and specialise in Holstein-Friesian. Animal welfare is paramount at Farmel Livestock. Every animal is examined and comes with a health certificate issued by a vet.
Farmel Livestock is also highly conscientious when it comes to animal transports, where quality and health always come first. Not only with state-of-the-art cattle lorries for road haulage, but also for long-distance sea or air transport.


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