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Reliable in production rights and payment entitlements

Ammonia rights, poultry rights, pig production rights, payment entitlements, and Alternative Processing Agreements. Dutch legislation contains numerous agricultural production rights, each with specific rules and regulations. Consequently, buying and selling rights can be a complicated business, especially considering the financial interests at stake. Farmel Agricultural Consultancy specialises in production rights. Over the past few years, we have built a sizeable base of satisfied customers through our reliable advice, expert support, and correct handling.

Thanks to our close links with cattle farms, we are up to speed on both the theoretical and the practical side. We at Farmel Agricultural Consultancy feel personally committed to you as an agricultural entrepreneur. We realise that you, when purchasing production rights, will come up against all kinds of rules and regulations that you don‘t face every day. We would therefore be glad to help you by brokering your purchase or sale of production rights.

Farmel Agricultural Consultancy wants to contribute to the development of your company. We would like to invite you to a no-obligations talk or consultancy session to give you the opportunity to explore the options we can offer you.