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Farmel Ventures

Together with our Dutch Farm Plan Project Development Team, Farmel Ventures helps to realize new sustainable dairy chains all over the world. Farmel Ventures helps to attract investors who are willing to invest in high quality sustainable agribusiness, especially in dairy. In these investments, Farmel Ventures also takes a risk-bearing interest in a unique way.

Want to know how? Please contact us via our Dutch Farm Plan team!


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Since 1896 Dutch Farm Plan is already involved in the dairy business, throughout the years we got more experienced in milking cows. By the growing scale of our farms we discovered that the buildings, cows, feed, management and more are crucial for a healthy and profitable future. 

For over 15 years Dutch Farm Plan has provided the latest in (large) dairy development and construction. Dutch Farm Plan has developed multiple activities aimed at serving dairy farmers. Our approach is hands on focused on realistic and achievable expectations. We have a team of experts who have been born and raised on dairy farms and do have large international experience with building and managing these dairies.